Dabit Industries is an official reseller of the latest ROS based development platform - TurtleBot3. We want to help our customers to quickly understand how to get started programming the TurtleBot3. The usual requirements are to have a background in Linux, software engineering and some bit of robotics. Now, we want to introduce Blockly and make the TurtleBot3 much easier to program while having fun.

Blockly is a free and open source web interface that can be used to program the TurtleBots. Its intuitive drag-and-drop based programming style welcomes everyone to try out the logic based programming and is easy to get started.

We will help you understand the required concepts necessary to work with Blockly and get your TurtleBot up and running in no time!

You can order the TurtleBot3 here.

TurtleBot3 is available in two variants:

  • Waffle
  • Burger

Waffle comes with an Intel ® RealSense TM camera for 3D perception and the Burger doesn’t. All other sensors remain the same in both models. The Burger is a stacked up model of the TurtleBot3 whereas Waffle has a wider base (perhaps intentionally named after the way they look).